Allister Martin – Tamima

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On 2nd Jan I had my yacht, “Tamima” lifted ashore at the Margate Marina. I spent two days on “the hard” and was lifted back in the water early on Monday morning.

I wanted to congratulate you on the professional service offered both by Gary (who lifted the boat out), and Justin (who put the boat back in the water). Both men made absolutely sure that the best care was taken during both operations.

Gary was particularly keen to ensure that the new stands were in just the right position on either side of the vessel. Justin made sure that protective plastic sheets protected the freshly painted topsides from the woven lifting strops and also assisted with a warping line so that we could clear the harbour without any dramas. They went out of their way to make certain we had every service needed.

The whole slip area has been significantly improved since my last visit. The new elevated “apron” was clean, flat and a safe platform on which to work. My boat deck was remarkably clean at the end of the stay. It also made it a lot easier to more accurately scribe a waterline mark.

My maintenance crew were pleasantly surprised with the “new’ toilets and washing facilities. We also observed that the washings from scrubbing the hull were being treated rather than directly overflowing into the bay. The high pressure wash down hose worked very well.

I was very relieved that a neighbouring boat owner who was grinding/cutting steel kindly finished earlier on Sunday so that we could paint the topsides without steel dust contamination.

Thank you for a pleasant couple of days on the slip.

Roger Locke – Andromeda

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Thanks for the expert service when Andromeda was hauled recently at Margate Marina.

I needed the boat supported clear of the ground to allow work under the keel. This was possible with your hydraulic trailer and the hull was well propped and supported so that the 50 knot gusts during the time on the hard were not a problem.

A very satisfactory experience.

Roger Locke

Andrew – Mollycoddle

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Mollycoddle-11mtr Adams Design Vessel-April 9, 2015
The service provided by Margate Marina is as good as I could want. You are prompt, friendly and competent. Having used both the DSS and Port Cygnet each for about 10 years your service compares favourably. I will continue to use your facility and look forward to further developments in the services available. The yard system and haul out trailer work well together. The stands hold my yacht in a convenient position to work on.

It was interesting to hear about the marina development. We could be interested in occupying a berth when the development opens.

~ Andrew, Mollycoddle (11 metres, Adams design)