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Fuel & pump-out pontoon
at  Margate Marina

The dual fuel and pump-out pontoon at Margate Marina is open 7 days a week and is available to members and visiting boats. Fuel is available as self-service 24/7 and the pump-out is open during office hours 7 days a week. Phone ahead on +61 3 6267 9600 to advise of your ETA.

Refuel with Diesel or 91 Unleaded and pay using a physical credit card (not payWave) at the pontoon. Pricing is very competitive compared to many other marinas in Hobart… just a small margin above retail service station prices.

When accessing from sea and rounding the southern end of the marina, keep your starboard side fairly close to the south western marina pile as you turn north and keep the red markers to port. You will see the fuel and pump-out pontoon is located adjacent to the slipway, about 10m to the north of our crane mast.

Ring the office for assistance on +61 3 6267 9600.

Please see our refuelling procedure below or view the full procedure and guidelines here.

Before Refuelling

  • Secure the vessel alongside fuel pontoon & secure at minimum of two points
  • Remove all ignition sources from area of refuelling – turn off engines, mobile phones & pilot lights, cut off electric power at main switch, no smoking;
  • Check that dispensing point is equipped with fire extinguishers & spill kits before commencing refuelling;
  • Put all passengers ashore and clear of refuelling stations;
  • Cut off electric power at main switch;
  • Ensure all passengers are ashore with only the person in charge of the vessel remaining on-board prior to use of the refuelling facilities;
  • If filling a vessel tank, close all hatches and the like to prevent fumes entering the hull and lying in the bilges;
  • If filling portable tank, place tank on ground in dedicated bunded filling point adjacent to fuel bowser;
  • Open pay point door and select correct fuel bowser (unleaded or diesel);
  • Make pre-payment at pay point and wait for confirmation of payment before closing door;
  • Inspect nozzle, hose and associated equipment to ensure in good working order;
  • Remove fuel nozzle from cradle and bring the nozzle / hose to the fuel fill point on the vessel;
  • Open fuel cap on the vessel’s (or tank’s) fuel fill point and place fuel nozzle inside fill point;
  • Slowly squeeze trigger to engage fuel for suitable flow;

During Refuelling

  • Maintain contact between the hose nozzle and fixed pipe to prevent static sparks;
  • Avoid any spillage, either into the boat or onto water; and
  • Carefully monitor filling rate to avoid overfilling (place discharge bucket at overflow point if applicable).

After Refuelling

  • Fill to required level;
  • Repeat process if there is a second fill point on the vessel or second tank;
  • Bring nozzle / hose back to fuel station (wind up hose and insert nozzle back into cradle);
  • Reinstate fuel tank cap;

If there is a spill

  • Thoroughly clean up all spills with an absorbent cloth and properly dispose of contaminated waste off the boat (spill kit located in wheelie bin on refuelling pontoon);
  • Open all hatches and ventilate the boat. Activate bilge blowers (if fitted) and operate for 3-4 minutes;
  • If fuel has spilled into the bilges, pump the bulk of the spill manually into sealed containers (not
  • Clean up all remaining fuel with an absorbent cloth; open all hatches and openings and leave boat wide open for at least 30 minutes to vent; and
  • If fuel is spilled in the bilges or engine bay put a small amount of detergent or washing powder over the area to minimise ignition risks;
  • When completely satisfied that the boat is free of fumes, start the engine before allowing passengers aboard.

The only marina in Tasmania offering this combination of customer benefits:

  • Office open 7 days
  • Daily boat checks
  • Fuel 24/7
  • Free pump-out
  • 24 hr CCTV
  • Gated access for members
  • Courtesy car for marina customers
  • Floating pontoon berths from 10m to 40m
  • Hardstand and trailer storage options

Speak to our friendly team about your boating needs or visit us to check out our berths!