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Marina Berths
at Margate Marina

We’re proud to say that our marina berths have come a long way. Located just 20 minutes’ drive south of Hobart, the redevelopment of the marina berths at Margate Marina represents one of Tasmania’s biggest recreational boating investments.

The Marina is a significant addition to Hobart’s boating infrastructure with several advantages. These combine to produce a unique marina offering for Tasmania; a dual fuel pontoon, dedicated berths for superyachts (30m to 40m), CCTV, an office open 7 days and free pump-out facilities.

Redevelopment construction started mid 2018 and our first 50 berths were completed in October that year when our first customers moved in. Construction continued and we now have 140 berths, progressing towards 300.

The 300m wave attenuator has been custom engineered for the site conditions and includes a 60m right angled section heading westwards. This, coupled with the deep protective baffles, provides a safe haven in strong winds.

All marina berths are floating pontoons with water and metered power to each berth. (All berths have 15amp supply. In addition, the 20m, 25m and 40m berths have 32amp 3 phase connections and the 30m and 35m berths have 63amp 3 phase outlets.) All marina berths have at least 3 side cleats and a centred cleat between berths.

The only marina in Tasmania offering this combination of customer benefits:

  • Office open 7 days
  • Daily boat checks
  • Fuel 24/7
  • Free pump-out
  • 24 hr CCTV
  • Gated access for members
  • Courtesy car for marina customers
  • Floating pontoon berths from 10m to 40m
  • Hardstand and trailer storage options

Berth features
at a glance

  • All floating pontoons
  • Solidly engineered wave attenuator/breakwater
  • Marina berths from 10 to 40 metres
  • Accommodate drafts of up to 11 metres
  • Power and water to all berths
  • Easy vessel manoeuvring with 18 to 22.5m in the fairways (between opposing berth finger ends)
  • Floating fuel dock with diesel and unleaded 91
  • Free pump-out facility
  • Courtesy car for marina customers

What customers are saying

My brother and I have had our Adams 40 at the new Margate Marina for well over a year and we are very happy with the quality, service and facilities! The staff are very professional and at the same time very friendly, making it a pleasure to be there! Its position on one of the best cruising grounds in Australia is brilliant! We definitely recommend this state of the art facility to all mariners and we look forward to the continuing development of the marina.

Andrew Fazackerley, “Windshadow”

Berthing at Margate Marina is a delight. Of all the marinas in the greater Hobart area, Margate is the best value for money, the best views, the best access to beautiful places and the best staff and culture. As liveaboards we feel safe and comfortable in the Marina, and if it weren’t for the whistling of the wind through the lines we’d have no reason to think it was windy at all: our boat barely moves!

Maeve McGregor, "Kismet"

It makes sense for me to have my boat at Margate Marina as I live in Kingston and Bruny Island is close at hand. The staff are very obliging and helpful and the slipping facility for my yacht was brilliant.

Pat Dermoudy, "HQ"

I have been extremely satisfied with the service from Margate Marina. The berths are wide and all the pontoons are very well engineered and stable. There is plenty of room between the arms for manoeuvring my vessel. The service provided by the staff has been excellent and very accommodating. I shall be keeping my vessel here for some time.


Thanks for the expert service when Andromeda was hauled recently at Margate Marina. I needed the boat supported clear of the ground to allow work under the keel. This was possible with your hydraulic trailer and the hull was well propped and supported so that the 50 knot gusts during the time on the hard were not a problem. A very satisfactory experience.

Roger Locke

The service provided by Margate Marina is as good as I could want. You are prompt, friendly and competent. Having used both the DSS and Port Cygnet each for about 10 years your service compares favourably. I will continue to use your facility and look forward to further developments in the services available. The yard system and haul out trailer work well together. The stands hold my yacht in a convenient position to work on. It was interesting to hear about the marina development. We could be interested in occupying a berth when the development opens.

Andrew, "Mollycoddle" (11 metres, Adams design)

I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to Justin and his team at Margate Marina for their support and positive attitude whilst having my boat on the slip for 2 weeks recently. I was really impressed with the new trailer and hardstands purchased recently, a real positive moving forward for your business. I highly recommend you guys to anyone looking at slipping their boats and I believe in time to come once the word is out your business will develop and grow as it should. Keep up the good work and once again thank you and we'll see you on the next slip.

Dennis Lord, "Morphik"

Just a short message of appreciation of your team at the Margate Marina, Justin, Emily, Gary & Dion. This last slip involved a lot of time and effort and at every stage of the work everyone was extremely helpful and co-operative. Could you please pass on my thanks and appreciation to all.

Colin Evans

Speak to our friendly team about your boating needs or visit us to check out our marina berths!