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20 minutes drive South of Hobart CBD

Ample secure parking available at Margate Marina Park for your use

Gateway to key boating hotspots

 Hobart – approx. 15NM
 Iron Pot – approx. 7NM
Betsey Island – approx. 10NM
Tasman Island – approx. 27NM
Sloping Island – approx. 19NM
Dunalley (Denison Canal) – approx. 27NM
Marion Bay (East Coast) – approx. 33NM
Nubeena – approx. 24NM
Barnes Bay – approx. 7NM
Storm Bay – approx. 13NM
Wedge Island – approx. 13NM

Margate Marina Fishing Locations / Fish Sites

Close to fishing areas

Tuna and Shark – approx. 13NM
Cray Fish (Pot) – approx. 4NM
Cray Fish (Dive) – approx. 3NM
Flat Head – approx. 1NM
Bream- approx. 1NM
Whiting – approx. 1NM
Margate Marina Diving Attractions

Surrounding dive attractions

Tinder Box Fish Reserve – approx. 4NM